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"A Day in the Life of a Changi Trolley” - Design Thinking Workshop for Kids

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Do you wish to cultivate an innovator’s mindset in your child from young? Design thinking has shaped innovation behind some of the world’s leading companies and their greatest creations. Ever wondered how Changi Airport redefined the concept of what an airport should be, and how it created unique experiences beyond one’s wildest dreams, such as the world-class Jewel Changi Airport?

Dive into the world of design thinking in this highly creative educational workshop, “A Day in the Life of a Changi Trolley”, which will hone your child’s creative problem-solving skills! Through fun activities, young minds will learn the key elements of design thinking – from empathising with problems and identifying needs of travellers… letting their imagination run wild with ideas… to creating prototypes of their re-imagined airport of the future! The best part is, they will be having fun while learning how to create user-centric solutions, and acquiring valuable mindsets that will help them in their growth journey.

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